Reproductive Health

One of the great issues of our time that doesn’t get the mention it should is the fact that both male and female fertility is steadily declining, and it has been for decades. It should come as no surprise, especially with the growing demand for fertility medications, in vitro fertilization, sperm donor clinics, surrogate mothers, and other industries are evidence that the human race is slowly developing a fertility crisis.


The source of this decline has been theoretically attributed to many causes, but there is no proven conclusion. We subscribe to the notion that there is no one cause, but that there are many contributing factors, among them are: toxicity, EMF pollution, poor diet, and nutritional deficiency, to name the greatest among them.


While reproductive health is critically important in women, men are also experiencing a decline in fertility rates. Both men and women, though suffering the same plight, require entirely different approaches to solving the problem of maintaining fertility and increasing reproductive health.


Here at the Nutrikon Wellness Center, we use rigorous and thorough testing to understand each person’s unique needs when it comes to improving reproductive health. We use the results from blood analysis, hormone testing, and genetic testing to create a complete and in-depth health profile and design a one-of-a-kind health program that addresses your individual health needs and concerns.


We do not rely on guesswork, nor do we blindly dote out medications, but instead we focus on developing a complete understanding of your body’s uniqueness. What may be the solution for your particular health concern, may not be right for someone else, and vice versa.


The conventional approach to fertility is through the use of powerful synthetic or animal derived hormones in order to artificially boost the body’s fertility processes. This approach has its risks and is definitely not right for everyone.


Here at Nutrikon, we rely on our thorough testing and analysis of each individual to discover his or her unique needs. Often these needs require addressing hormonal imbalances. There are many natural supplements that either stimulate increased hormonal production, or promote the more rapid metabolism of other hormones. We use effective and natural approaches that are much safer and have a lower of risk of causing serious health problems and side effects.


To schedule an appointment for consultation, or testing, call the Nutrikon Wellness Center at (818) 761-1661.

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