Prenatal Nutrition

It’s common sense that eating right during pregnancy is important for giving birth to a healthy child, but many people are learning a hard lesson that it takes much more than cutting out junk food to protect your and your baby’s health. In fact, the number of children born with birth defects and abnormalities is on the rise. The causes are disputed, but our experience suggests that these issues stem from the incredible onslaught of toxins that pregnant women are exposed to before, during, and after pregnancy.


There are two very important studies that illustrate the reality of prenatal toxicity, and the important of prenatal nutrition.


The first is a research study conducted by the Environmental Working Group in 2009. According to the EWG, a pregnant mother’s body will use the growing baby as a literal dumping ground for toxins. Their study analyzed blood samples from the umbilical cords of 10 babies born in late 2009 and found, on average, 232 different chemicals inside. What is particularly concerning is that these chemicals are not rare, obscure, or difficult to trace. They come from common household items like soaps, electronics, plastics, cosmetics, hair care items, etc., not to mention pesticides. The EWG also conducted a follow up study on the children years later and found a strong correlation between their prenatal toxicity and lowered IQ.


In 2000, Randy Jirtle, professor of radiation oncology at Duke University, and his postdoctoral student Robert Waterland designed a simple genetic experiment. They used mice known to scientists as agouti mice, so named because they carry a particular gene—the agouti gene—that makes them yellow, obese, and prone to cancer and diabetes. When they reproduce, the mothers give birth to identical offspring that also become yellow, obese, and die young of either diabetes or cancer. The experiment wanted to discover if the genetic fates of these mice could be re-written.

They created two groups of pregnant agouti mice. One group was fed a standard diet of mouse chow during gestation. The other was fed a diet rich in substances called ‘methyl donors’ natural substances typically found in foods like onions, garlic, and beets.

When the mice gave birth, the mice in the normal diet group had normal offspring, but the other group had a very remarkable result. Their baby mice were slender, brown, healthy, and lived long and happy lives.


Even more remarkable was the fact that the healthy mice even had the complete agouti gene, but it had been altered by a single letter, and that made all the difference. And the change was created through diet alone.


Don’t take this to mean that if you eat only beets during pregnancy that you’ll give birth to super babies, but take a moment to appreciate that the entire life of a living creature was effected only by what the mother ate during pregnancy.


If you, as a mother, take good care of yourself, and eat right for the child inside you, it can have a far-reaching impact that can be felt for generations.


We at the Nutrikon Wellness Center possess an expertise in prenatal nutrition that focuses on supplying the right nutrients to ensure healthy fetal brain development, immune system function, as well as reduce the damage incurred from environmental toxicity that makes its way to the fetus. We use gentle and natural substances, as well as an effective tailor-made diet that incorporates your specific prenatal needs.


To make an appointment for consultation, call the Nutrikon Wellness Center at (818) 761-1661,

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