The kidneys are the pairs of organs in your lower back that are responsible for controlling blood pressure, as well as filtering out harmful substances and waste that the body needs to flush out of its systems. For this reason, the kidneys tend to take a lot of abuse over the years and kidney problems can sometimes take a while before they begin to cause pain and lead to other problems in the body.


Damaged or impaired kidneys lead to a reduced ability to flush out toxins from the body. These toxins can accumulate in the body and lead to symptoms and disease. While the liver often gets all the credit for processing toxins, and it is a very important organ, it is the kidneys that actually route the processed toxins out of the blood stream and into the bladder.


This is why it is important form time to time to cleanse the liver of unhealthy mineral deposits and toxins that may have accumulated.




If I drink enough water, won’t that solve all my kidney problems?


While water is tremendously important to maintaining proper kidney function, the kidneys also require sufficient nutrients in order to function properly. Toxic buildup from a deficiency in water or nutrients can lead to kidney problems.


Aren’t there people who live with only one kidney? Why is it so important to maintain the kidneys?


Just because you can live without certain body parts, doesn’t mean that it is the ideal way to live.




Kidney cleansing is a great and easy way to keep your body healthy and improve your ability to naturally detoxify harmful substances.

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