Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT)

oxygenBreathe. Every breath carries oxygen into your bloodstream which delivers it to every cell it can reach. Your body needs this oxygen for energy. While your body does get most of its energy from food, the energy it needs to break it down and turn it into blood sugar comes from oxygen. Just like fire needs oxygen to burn, your body needs oxygen to burn its own fuel.

The oxygen distribution of the body is imbalanced, however, and not every cell receives as much oxygen as it would like. This is especially true in urban environments where the air quality has a reduced quantity of oxygen. People who smoke or have other lung conditions have this problem compounded.

Hyperbaric oxygen uses a simple scientific principle to deliver oxygen to nearly every cell in the body. It does it painlessly, safely, and without the assistance of surgery or medications. This abundance of oxygen allows cells to work harder, faster, and more efficiently.

As a result of this effect, there is a large list of both medical and aesthetic conditions that can benefit from hyperbaric oxygen. The most common reason people seek out Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is for accelerated wound healing, especially as a result of accidents, sports injuries, diabetes, or plastic/reconstructive surgeries. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been shown to dramatically reduce healing and recovery times.

Another common reason people seek out Hyperbaric Oxygen is for aesthetic benefits. Just as it can accelerate the healing process of tissue, it can also help rejuvenate skin cells and promote a more youthful appearance.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen. Below is a more detailed list of some of the conditions that can benefit from Hyperbaric Oxygen.

  • Anemia
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Crush injury, compartment syndrome, and other acute traumatic ischemias (blood supply restrictions)
  • Decompression sickness
  • Delayed radiation injury (soft tissue and bone)
  • Diabetic foot, retinopathy, or nephropathy
  • Embolism (air or gas)
  • Gas gangrene (bacterial infection)
  • Intracranial abscess
  • Necrotizing soft tissue infections
  • Osteomyelitis (Inflammation of the bone or marrow)
  • Skin graft or flaps
  • Thermal burns

    Though not approved for reimbursement by insurance, ongoing research into Hyperbaric Oxygen suggests that there may be some benefit for individuals with autism, brain damage, sports injuries, acute hearing loss, difficulty sleeping, jet lag, fatigue, and many other conditions.

    For more information, see our article on Hyperbarics: http://www.nutrikon.com/blog/hbot/

    The Experience

    Hyperbaric Oxygen uses a state-of-the-art pressurized chamber that you lay inside of. There is a mattress and you may bring pillows and blankets inside. Once you are inside, the chamber is sealed and oxygen enriched air inflates the chamber and increases the pressure inside the chamber up to about 4.5 psi, roughly equivalent to being 10ft underwater.

    You will likely not feel a change in your body as the process is gentle and gradual, but you may experience pressure fluctuations in your ears similar to an airplane or scuba diving. Once the pressure is stabilized, you are free to relax, sleep, read a book, listen to music, and otherwise enjoy yourself for an hour.


    Hyperbaric Oxygen is safe for just about everyone. People with certain sinus or bronchial conditions may not be able to adjust and equalize the pressure in their ears and chest and may experience some discomfort. This includes people with sinus congestion or hay fever. Also, individuals taking certain chemotherapy medications may not be able to do Hyperbaric Oxygen due to alterations in blood chemistry.


    Prices and Bundles

    Single session - $70

    5 sessions - $65 per for $325 = $25 savings

    10 sessions - $60 per for $600 = $100 savings!

    20 sessions - $55 per for $1100 = $300 savings!!


    For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Nutrikon Wellness Center at (818) 761-1661.

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