Gastrointestinal Cleansing

One of the unique specialties that we offer her at the Nutrikon Wellness Center is a dynamic and unique tailored program to clear your digestive tract of harmful bacteria, parasites, fungi, and other harmful organisms that can cause severe symptoms, pain, and even disease. With the high prevalence of junk food in the American diet, which is often served in methods with questionable cleanliness standards, it is incredibly common for people to be suffering from a number of intestinal infections, but they may not be aware it, or have attributed its symptoms to another source.


Many people don’t realize that the intestinal tract and the entire digestive system is an environment rich in living organisms, some healthy and necessary, while others are harmful.


For many individuals suffering from many different conditions, whether it’s an inflammatory condition, an autoimmune disease, a nutritional deficiency, there is a very high percentage that these issues stem from abnormalities, or infections in the gut.


We use some of the most advanced non-invasive diagnostic tools to find out the current state of your intestinal health, as well as detect the presence of intestinal flora and fauna, both healthy and harmful. We can test for harmful parasites and fungi like Candida albicans, yeast, mold, amoebas, and parasites like Giardia and Blastocystis hominus.


Once we determined the current states of your intestinal health through these diagnostics tools, we then design a uniquely tailored program that address your current intestinal deficiencies, as well as natural solutions to remove and cleanse the intestines of harmful substances and organisms.


Conventional therapies focus on antibiotics to remove unwanted organisms form the intestines, but antibiotics are not target specific and destroy beneficial intestinal flora and fauna that are actually necessary for proper intestinal health. These beneficial bacteria that antibiotics destroy play a number of important roles in the gut including: aiding digestion, increasing nutrient absorption, and providing a first line of defense against harmful invaders. Destroying these ‘good’ bacteria often creates intestinal discomfort, impaired digestion, as well as immune system impairment.


There are many natural substances that possess anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties, which rely predominantly on herbal and anti-inflammatory characteristics to remove the undesirable elements from the intestines without compromising the healthy bacteria and thus promoting a healthier environment in the intestines.


This type of cleansing wouldn’t reach its maximum effectiveness without being paired with an appropriate diet and supplement program. Your digestive system always makes first contact with the substances you consume and the cleaner and healthier these substances; the less stress your digestive system has to endure. In order for the healing process to occur while the treatment is underway, we’ve designed a very specific diet protocol that will provide all the necessary nutrition, while being gentle on your digestive tract and improve the function and performance of the anti-parasitic/fungal/microbial substances.


To make an appointment for consultation and analysis, call the Nutrikon Wellness Center at (818) 761-1661.

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