There are a great number of intestinal disorders that plague modern man, and one of them is diverticulitis.

It is a disorder that predominantly affects those of middle-age and the elderly. It is when ‘pouches’ form in the intestinal tract called ‘diverticula’ and then become inflamed or infected. Why the pouches form is not entirely understood, but the most commonly accepted theory is that it is the result of a hereditary weakness in the construction of the intestines combined with a low-fiber diet.

Diverticulitis can be very painful and the most common treatment utilizes antibiotics which may provide temporary relief, but can often compromise intestinal health in the long term by destroying beneficial intestinal bacteria and promoting yeast species overgrowth and other negative outcomes.

While not classified as an inflammatory bowel disease, gaining control over diverticulitis symptoms can be accomplished by targeting the inflammation directly. Conventionally, this is accomplished through anti-inflammatory medications like NSAIDs, but here at the center we utilize a lifestyle based solution that focuses on diet and supplementation so that the body can be restored to healthy function without pain and without dependency on medications that lasts for life.

While one cannot reverse the formation of the diverticula, even with surgery, it is completely possible to manage the undesirable symptoms of the condition and live a normal and healthy life. Often diverticulitis progresses into a more serious condition that requires major surgery on the colon and in some cases remove of the colon becomes the only option. Sometimes the diverticula become infected and rupture causing a life-threatening internal infection. While not all cases of diverticulitis will progress to that level, it is still important to address diverticulitis and gain control of the condition and prevent this outcome.

With proper diet, supplementation, advice, and support, diverticulitis can be entirely managed and contained.

The video below is a success story from John, our client, who managed to gain control over his diverticulosis utilizing our lifestyle based solutions.