Acne sufferers don’t need statistics and doctors to tell them that breakouts and bad skin are painful, both physically and emotionally. Though there may perhaps be some comfort in knowing that you are not alone. In fact, according to the American Dermatologist Association, 20% of all adults have an active acne condition, which means tens of millions of Americans have acne troubles.

While the exact cause of acne is unknown, it hasn’t stopped the pharmaceutical industry from pushing pills at the problem. 30% of all acne sufferers in the United States are using some type of medication to combat the breakouts. Antibiotics, hormone therapies, retinoids, and medications like Acutane are the main players on the Western medicine acne team, but none of them are winners, in fact, the side effects are often worse than the acne. Gastrointestinal disease, fertility problems, and cancer doesn’t seem like a fair price to pay for clear skin.

Acne is not really a disease in itself, but rather an accompanying symptom of deeper underlying health issues; a kind of distress signal of the body. For some people it indicates food sensitivities, in others it means hormone imbalances for both men and women, likewise it can also be the result of infections. Because of the multi-variant nature of the problem, many practitioners avoid the time consuming process of examination and investigation into root of the problem in the individual, but would rather provide a medication that simply relieves the symptom; the acne.

The cleansers and medications that people turn to for acne simply dry out the skin to the point that no blemish can occur because there is insufficient moisture. Others turn to crude methods like birth control pills or hormones that create an artificial hormone balance that reduces acne outbreaks in some women, but has a significant risk of making the underlying hormone condition permanent which can elevates the risk of serious diseases in the long run, including cancer.

Nutrikon has had tremendous success with acne. Our program uses an assessment-guided approach to ensure that the particular and unique causes of acne in the individual are effectively addressed using a combination of dietary, supplemental, and lifestyle modifications. Our program carries no risk of harmful side effects or increased disease susceptibility unlike most medications.

In the video above, we have two of our recent successful graduates of our program among the dozens that have gone through it and experienced relief from their acne. For more information, or to make an appointment for consultation, contact us at the information at the top of the page.